Your course will clearly be a cut above the rest when you hire this rare-breed asset: a copywriter with a Master’s in Education. Online learning materials need to be engaging, clear, and concise, so hire an expert to create the content for your organisation’s e-learning courses.

  • E-learning course block

  • £200

  • Turnaround time: 10 days per block

  • Word count: 1000 words / 1 block / 2 hours of study time

In an e-learning course about mindfulness, for example, one block would be sufficient to introduce the concept of listening to your five senses. Another block would be necessary to teach slow breathing, and another block to explain how to release cluttered thoughts. In a writing course, one block would be sufficient to focus on the use of verbs, and another block could cover common spelling mistakes.

Add blocks in multiples based on the desired content of your course. If your course advertises 15 hours of study time, for example, you’ll need to add 8 blocks to your basket.

Included in this incredible package:

  • Thorough client briefing questionnaire, so I can target your audience effectively

  • 1000 word discrete teaching of a small concept block with a ‘try it yourself’ practical implementation activity

  • Call to action, if this course is a marketing opportunity or lead magnet

  • Two rounds of revisions

After purchasing this service, please complete the client briefing form. Once I receive the briefing, I can start creating! Here’s the intricate details, including T&Cs.

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