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Welcome to my word shop on the sea shore!

You’re in the perfect place to get some top tips on how to write for your business - or, even better, to hire a writer for her excellent copywriting services, making the whole thing an absolute breeze.

You want to sing about how incredible your products and services are, and you need your customers to listen, so words are key. And if there’s 30,000 things I know, it’s words…


What you need…

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You’re after a voice that’s thoughtful and solemn, bold and electric, or sardonic and silly: I can write copy for your organisation that will resonate with your readers.


If your website is buried under other organisations’ search results, you need a professional to help dig you out. I can use SEO techniques to help your site get higher in Google, connecting you with potential new customers.

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You’re busy spinning plates, so you want absolute assurance that deadlines will be met. I offer you an on-time guarantee for all my engaging content creation.

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Well, that’s nice…

“Becky is utterly fantastic at what she does, from the first sentence to the last word. Everything is written to perfection. Every article showcases how articulate, creative and talented she is. The quality of her work is the reason why we have booked again and again, and why we'll keep coming back. Becky is worth every penny (and then some!)”

- Owen O’Neill, CEO of Uni Compare


I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but…

…while many copywriters have only marketing experience, I also have an English Language degree, a Master’s degree in Education, and a first class Creative Writing degree. Authentic voice, creative craft, and expert communication: the triple threat, baby.


Another happy customer…

“I have utilised Becky's excellent writing skills for many of my projects over the last three years. She has always managed to exceed my expectations and has completed projects on spec and well within my requested timescale. Becky has a fabulous way with words and a wonderful sense of humour (I hope one day she'll write a novel). I always recommend her to other industry contacts of mine and I highly recommend her to you.”

- Alastair Hazell,



You’re looking for…

complete package

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: perfect for startups or small businesses

Relax. This is the one-stop shop for all your winning words. Get text for 4 landing pages (that’s enough to build your whole website), text for your first 4 email newsletters, and text for your first 3 blog posts. All that convenience, and with a sizeable discount too! Let me take care of all the words to get your business off the ground.



Keeping a blog can make your site more shareable, helps build an ongoing relationship with customers or clients, and also gives you the chance to showcase your expertise. Plus, regularly updated blogs are like catnip to Google, with dynamic content improving your ranking in search results. So, bag some brilliant blog posts here…



Let’s jazz up your landing page so that readers want to stick around for a while. I can write engaging, rapport-building copy to help you increase customer conversions, boosting subscriptions, sales, and referrals. A top-class website can be your most valuable asset in business. Give your marketing a makeover today!



Having a direct line to your customers is one thing; encouraging clicks and conversions is something else entirely. Banish spammy, boring or ineffective emails: your customers don’t read them anyway! Purchase a series of my carefully crafted newsletters which include all the ingredients you need to truly connect with your audience.



What’s the point in a killer website if your customers never get to see it? If you need to get higher in Google, I can help you boost your search ranking with SEO content creation in SEO blog posts, articles and news pages. Check out my SEO pricing packages and connect with new customers to grow your business.

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Smart, funny, dynamic conversations are hard to stage, so getting a script copywriter onboard can really pep things up. Podcast scripts, video scripts, advertising scripts - it’s all here, waiting for you to just say the word. Check out the script options on offer…



Your course will clearly be a cut above the rest when you hire this rare-breed asset: a copywriter with a Master’s in Education. Online learning materials need to be engaging, clear, and concise. Hire an expert to create the content for your organisation’s e-learning courses today.



I can create online quiz content to hook your readers, and write online surveys worth sharing. Quizzes are huge right now: they are fun, shareable, clickable assets, as well as being hyper-valuable lead magnets for which customers are more than happy to swap their email addresses. Seriously, put a quiz on your website, pronto!

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If you have the seed of a brilliant idea and would like someone to help you germinate it, I can be your ghostwriter. As an excellent communicator, listener and interpreter, I can bring your stories to life, whether fiction, non-fiction, or instructional guides. Book now, and still own the rights to your text.

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Ask me about a job here, or include your number if you’d prefer to talk on the phone. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation, or a 3-email equivalent to crystallise the briefing. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, and that’s a promise. (And if you don’t hear back that quickly, please send Lassie: I may have fallen down a well.)

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