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Please complete the briefing as thoroughly as possible. The better I understand your organisation and its users, the better I can craft my writing to really hit the mark. Extra briefing materials can be sent to:
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Think about your pricing, presentation and product quality if you’re not sure about the answer.
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A luxury car club, for example, will have a very different customer demographic to a fried chicken shop. Tell me who your customers are so that your content can really speak to them. Tick as many or as few boxes as you need. There are very few products or services on the market that are truly ‘for everyone’, but if you’re not sure how to narrow it down, this is exactly the kind of thing we can talk through in a free consultation.
The style of language will depend on your type of organisation, the type of copy (script, blog, website etc.) and your target audience. However, if there are elements of language that you are particularly keen to include, such as humour, technical language or short sentences, please list here. Otherwise, write 'none'.
Equally, if there are aspects of language that you want to completely avoid (you don't want humour, technical language, coarse language, slang, complex language etc.) please list here. Otherwise, write 'none'.
List your chosen topic/s. If you leave this field blank, I will check your blog archives and come up with something that's in-keeping with the theme but has not yet been covered.
If you'd like to specify an angle, title, or suggested results segments, please list here. Otherwise, I will develop your quiz based on what I learn from this questionnaire, your website etc.
Is this a lead magnet (something to attract people to sign up for your newsletter)? Is there a particular call to action you're aiming for (to purchase / subscribe / recommend)? Are there specific key words or search terms you want included? Basically, here's your chance to tell me ANYTHING else I should know before I start writing.
Clients booking brand new websites or courses will need to email me additional info, so I can create your content from scratch. For new websites, you might want to include your specific experience, location, prices, testimonials, pictures, logos, product or service options, and more. For e-learning course content, you will need to send an outline of topics to include, OR the specific content to be rewritten.
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