SEO secrets: No such thing as a silly question

A frothy scenario: Armando Cappuccino has opened his new coffee shop on your high street, and the signage, awnings and windows all display the name ‘Armando’s' in a curly black font. Lovely. The problem, though, is that people keep walking right past the premises, gasping thirstily and exclaiming to one another, “I’m parched! Is there a coffee shop in Townsville?” Armando sits inside his beautiful - but empty - coffee palace, staring helplessly through the glass, wondering how to pull in the punters.Now imagine that this shop is a website...ask blackboard chalk board chalkboardA website won’t even get the occasional footfall of passing trade, because unlike a static high street of bricks-and-mortar shops, internet search results constantly jump around and reorder themselves at will. Armando’s is constantly pushed to the end of the street - the place that nobody ever reaches - because the other shops are bigger, stronger, and have pointier elbows to jostle each other with. Perhaps nobody will ever even see Armando’s, let alone decide to go in.This is where SEO is critical to marketing Armando’s business. One of the key principles of search engine optimisation is to work out what terms people are searching for, and give them what they need. If people are typing “Is there a coffee shop in Townsville?” into Google, then his website needs to specifically cater to this question. The closer the match, the better. People often type questions into search engines, making them a great way to connect with potential customers. Perhaps Armando could include some FAQs on his website, enabling him to exactly match that search phrase, putting him much higher up in the search results of thirsty Townsville residents.

Q: Is there a coffee shop in Townsville?A: You bet there is! You’ll find us at 116 Townsville High Street.

Now he can be discovered by the people who need him most. And if he wants the whole process to be as smooth as a silky espresso, he could even hire a copywriter. An SEO specialist copywriter would be thrilled to do the SEO keyword research and write website text which seamlessly integrates the necessary SEO keywords. She’ll probably even provide him with a bunch of extra tips and strategies for improving his search rankings. Now, if only he could find such an expert writer for hire

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